Upgrade Progress

Dakabin Station Upgrade

This page is dedicated to keeping the community updated on the progress of the accessibility upgrade. The full press release is available here: http://dakabinstationactiongroup.com/news.

Current Timeline:
Mid 2018 – Detailed Design & Planning (altered by QR, originally it was early 2018)
Mid 2018 to Early 2020 – Tender & Construction


Design and engineering work will begin immediately, with the concept designs to be publicly released in early 2018. Queensland Rail’s website should be updated by the end of October 2017 to reflect the announcement.

This project is a complex, comprehensive upgrade which needs to include detailed engineering design and planning requirements to ensure the station can remain operational during construction so customers can continue to access services.

It is anticipated that this project will be fully completed, including detailed design, tender and construction, in 2020.