Dakabin Station Report

TMR released their Dakabin Station Analysis Report and there was a public consultation period. You can still read the report here: read the report. The Dakabin Station Action Group does not believe the report conveys the severity and seriousness of the situation at Dakabin Station.

Dakabin Station has ZERO facilities or connections and yet, despite that fact, patronage is continuing to increase (yes regardless of  the Redcliffe Peninsular Line). If Dakabin Station has no accessibility, connectivity or amenity and is still in the top third of stations for patronage imagine where we’d be if the station was upgraded!

At the end of the day Dakabin Station is not compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (1992) and that is against the law and it is not ok!

Below is the Dakabin Station Action Group’s official feedback submission that we sent to TMR in January 2017. We felt it was important to refute the intentionally misleading report that was produced and bring to light the truth of the situation at Dakabin Station.

Dakabin Station Action Group Official Feedback Submission