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  1. Matt says:

    I don’t like the idea of the station being moved as it is located close to the school to minimise the distance for school kids to travel and it is also currently located close the sports fields and golf club which works well.
    Moving it closer to the development to the north isn’t a valid reason as there is development going up to the south as well and at the moment it is central to both

    • DSAG Admin says:

      Hi Matt. Thank you for sharing your opinion. If the station did get moved it would actually be safer and easier for the high school students who could simply catch a bus along alma road, hop off at Marsden Road then walk a shorter and safer distance than they have to currently. Also development wise- the developers of Dakabin Crossing (the one on the very tight corner of Alma Road) owns all the land right back to Hughes Road and once complete they estimate nearly 10,000 residents there alone- included are up to 7 storey unit complexes!! There is no development to the south that would come close to rivalling that.
      That said I don’t have a preferred option. I think both could work just as easily. I just want the government to stop using the options as an excuse to continue the neglect.
      Anyway, I appreciate your view and I hope this report and public consultation will show the government that Dakabin Station must be made a priority.

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