Since the Dakabin Station Action Group was formed in 2012 we have had some success with securing over $2 million in funding for minor upgrades on and around the station. These are small but vital steps towards making Dakabin Station safer and accessible for all. We look forward to watching this list grow and one day a major upgrade WILL be on the list!

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*November – Council announces they will build 2 raised pedestrian crossings on Thompson Road
*October – Council announces funding to connect footpaths and lighting that run parallel to Dakabin State High School (allowing for pedestrian traffic from Marsden Road safe access to the station.
*October – TMR releases the study and asks for community feedback
*May- A 6 months Options Analysis Study is announced at the Community Cabinet by the Premier.

*June – Official petition was sent to State Govt and tabled at Parliament
*March – Fixed CCTV, lighting, fencing and signage goes up at the new car park

*December – Car park opened 24th December 2014! Lighting and CCTV yet to be completed.
*November – Car park construction underway
*July – Media release detailing the joint funding for a new car park at Dakabin Station. $300,000 in federal funding, $101,000 from the State government and $162,000 in design & construction coming from Local government. Construction is due to be complete mid December. Article in the newspaper.
*June – The federal budget confirmed $300,000 will be allocated to safety and parking upgrades at Dakabin railway station.
*June – Front Page, Page 4 & Page 8 of Pine Rivers Press 5.6.2014
*May – Hornibrook BusLines have begun investigating the potential for a bus to connect to Dakabin Station. Front Page, Page 4 & Page 8 of Pine Rivers Press 5.6.2014
*May – Car parks and shelters cleaned and repainted
*April – New seating installed. Media release from Trevor Ruthenberg MP states that other works will also be undertaken. Those works include: repainting the bicycle lockers, cleaning and repainting the waiting shelters, installing platform coping stones and improvements to station signage.
*April – Dakabin Station Action Group met with Trevor Ruthenberg MP and Queensland Rail staff onsite at the station to discuss the numerous issues.
*March – New $250,000 footbridge over the tracks installed to replace the current derelict one
*March – Front page of Pine Rivers Press – “End of the line for station funds”

*January – Front cover of the Northern Times
*March – $250,000 minor station upgrade funded by State Government – new entrance stairs to the inbound platform at the southern end of the station, a new GoCard reader, additional shelter and improved lighting for the area adjacent to the station.

*May – $75,000 lighting upgrade from Moreton Bay Regional Council – new street lighting along the Thompson Road side of Dakabin Station.
*May – New parking signs were put up on Alma & Marsden Roads directing commuters to park Bob Brock Park.
*September – $300,000 Community Development Grant from Federal Government – funding has been approved by cabinet. Council has done the first design work of the upgrade with work to begin ASAP. Watch this space for more detail soon! (24 Jan 2014)

*March – The Dakabin Station Action Group was formed

*April – First article about the action group was printed in the Pine Rivers Press
*May – Met with Trevor Ruthenberg MP for the first time to discuss the Station

*May – QR finally publicly stated that they have NO intention of moving the station therefore dispelling the relocation rumours
*June – Public permission was given by Council for commuters to park in Bob Brock Park
*July – Met with Steve Minnikin Assistant Minister for Transport at Dakabin Station

*November – Mr Schuh, the Principal of Dakabin State High School did a slideshow presentation at the Annual Awards Evening addressing the deplorable state of the station and the work of the action group

Funding total to date = approximately $2million
(as of Jan 2015)