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June 2018 – Steven Miles MP for Murrumba announces the government has INCREASED funding for the Dakabin Station upgrade to $39million to ensure ample parking and a bus interchange are included.

June 2017 – BREAKING: Dakabin station set for accessibility upgrade

The Palaszczuk Government today announced an upgrade to Dakabin train station, a project set to improve accessibility, parking and security in response to significant growth in the region.
Speaking from Dakabin station Acting Minister for Transport Steven Miles said the $30 million upgrade would be welcome news for the Dakabincommunity.

“This is the number one thing Shane King and I have worked on these last few months.“I’ve talked to so many people who said this was the number one thing they wanted fixed.“I’m really pleased to be able to deliver these funds to make this Dakabin a modern, functional, accessible station,” Mr Miles said.“After all it is a key station on the Queensland Rail network, with around 7,339 customers and 650 services using it each week.

“At this early stage, the Dakabin station upgrade is projected to cost up to $30 million but we anticipate the costs could be lower as we move the detailed design and tender phase.“I want to congratulate Shane King, and all the local campaigners who helped make this happen.”

Member for Kallangur Shane King said the project was a win for thecommunity.

“I have been fighting for this upgrade and I’m delighted our government will deliver it for our community,” Mr King said. “The upgrade will provide more customers with easier, seamless access to rail services and boost the local economy.

“It will support around 250 jobs for Queenslanders in the construction industry, including trades like electrical, carpentry, painting, plumbing, labouring, roofing, glazing and traffic control.

“The project is likely to include a new footbridge with lifts, raising platform sections to provide easier access on and off the train and a range of other accessibility features, such as hearing aid loops. “The project will also provide increased parking for customers, new bus infrastructure and improved security features, such as upgraded lighting and CCTV.”

“We will ensure the local community is kept well informed of the project’s progress as we move through the planning, design and construction phases.”

Design and engineering work will begin immediately, with the concept designs to be publicly released in early 2018.

This project is a complex, comprehensive upgrade which needs to include detailed engineering design and planning requirements to ensure the station can remain operational during construction so customers can continue to access services.

It is anticipated that this project will be fully completed, including detailed design, tender and construction, in 2020.



June 2017 – It has been nearly 5 months since community consultation following the release of the Dakabin Station Analysis Report and not a word has been uttered since. TMR originally stated that a summation of consultation would be available in due course but nothing has been received of yet.

March – June 2017 – Gemma has met with all four candidates for the State Electorate of Murrumba, in which the station resides.

January 2017 – Dakabin Station Action Group lodged their formal submission in response to the Dakabin Station Analysis Report. You can view it here

TMR released the Dakabin Station Analysis Report and feedback was open until 31st Jan 2017.

Please read the report for yourselves. The Dakabin Station Action Group does not believe the report conveys the severity and seriousness of the situation at Dakabin Station. Dakabin Station has ZERO facilities or connections and yet, despite that fact, patronage is continuing to increase (yes regardless of the new favourite child that is the Redcliffe Line). If we have nothing and are still in the top third of stations for patronage imagine where we’d be if the station was upgraded!

October 2016: The age old “Relocation or Upgrade” question is being thrown around again!

cover_prp_13102016 p5_prp_13102016 pg8a_prp_13102016














May 2016: The State Government held the Community Cabinet at Dakabin State High School. At this forum it was announced that they would be doing a 6 month options analysis into Dakabin Station. The Dakabin Station Action Group was also given a formal deputation with the Transport Minister Stirling Hinchliffe where we gave him a report on Dakabin Station.

You can read the report here: Dakabin Station Report for Transport Minister Hincliffe

February 2016 – Record numbers parking at Dakabin Station! Today we were only 3 away from Narangba. Before the car park we averaged 200-250 cars, now it’s 400-450 daily.











January 2016 – Shane King MP brought Transport Minister Stirling Hinchcliffe to the station. No further action or comment since.


December 2015 – The new Transport Minister announces that Shorncliffe Station (in his electorate) will be receiving a $2million upgrade.

July 2015 – Nikki Boyd announces Strathpine Station to get $15million upgrade, focusing on accessibility.

June 2015 – a State Government petition was sent to Parliament, however the response was less than satisfactory. You can read the reply here.


March 2015
Parking is at an all time high at Dakabin Station!! Since the opening of the new car park and the nearby Plantation Road (directly linking the station to North Lakes) numbers at the station have sky rocketed. On average there is now in excess of 440 cars parking at the station daily! Nearby Bob Brock park is filling up fast with an average of 100 cars parking in there daily.

A long term solution is needed now! No more band-aids.

Record numbers parking at Bob Brock Park

December 2014
The car park is open for business!

November 2014
Construction has commenced on the car park with completion looking to be mid December. The station has been a hive of activity!


Start of construction



This is what it looked like before…

10403339_774789729211247_777577144832937405_n 10505595_774789702544583_1836400616185104298_n


I am thrilled to announce that Dakabin Station will soon have a big, shiny, new car park of its very own with construction starting next month!

Today, Wyatt Roy Federal Member for Longman & Trevor Ruthenberg State Member for Kallangur, announced that a brand new 154 space car park is to be built at the station by the end of the year. Funding is coming from all three levels of government- $300,000 from Federal, $101,000 from State and $162,000 from Council who will also be designing & maintaining the project.

A car park has been at the top of the list of things we have been trying to get at the station since the creation of this group and now it is finally a reality. Whilst this is a huge step forward I know there is still more to be done and I look forward to future funding announcements.

This is a huge win for our community and a big thanks to our local members who have not only listened to our concerns but have also delivered vital funds for our station.

I also want to thank you all for your support and belief in me to stand up for what we all deserve- a safe and accessible station.


On the 18th October 2013 The Premier announced that Alderley, Newmarket, Dinmore and Graceville Train Stations would be upgraded as part of a $40 million plan to increase accessibility to public transport for those with disabilities. These upgrades will include lifts and allow access to platforms for passengers travelling with prams, small children or luggage, as well as improve safety.

(Click here to read the media statements for Ferny Grove Line & Ipswich Line announcements)

These stations already have around platform access, connecting bus services and close proximity to accessible stations and Dakabin does not have. Dakabin has no facilities – not even running water or a toilet! The stations mentioned are only a max 18 min walk apart whilst Dakabin is a 1hr15min brisk walk to Petrie and a 47min walk to Narangba with NO bus services. Newmarket, Alderley & Graceville are in Zone 2 so they are all far closer to the city than Dakabin Station (Dinmore is Zone 6 like Dakabin is).

First Map below: This shows that Newmarket & Alderley stations are seconds away from each other and 8 stations are within minutes of travel.

Bottom Map: AT SAME SCALE, the bottom map shows how far apart Petrie, Dakabin & Narangba are.


I fail to see why these four stations have been given priority over Dakabin.

I wrote asking for an explanation and the Office of the Minister for Transport and Main Roads supplied the following reply:

“Dakabin hasn’t been included for upgrade because there’s an adjacent station that is wheelchair accessible (Petrie).  The stations getting the upgrade are in location where there are three or more stations in a row that aren’t wheelchair accessible.  The stations getting upgrades have stair access only.

Patronage is also a significant factor.  The stations getting an upgrade have higher patronage than Dakabin.

To upgrade all stations on the network that are not accessible would cost about $1.5 billion.  We’d like to do more stations but this is all we can afford right now. “

So I responded with the facts breaking down his paragraph answer into specific issues:

1. Patronage figures

As you can see from the table below it clearly shows Dakabin’s growth is increasing significantly whilst the other stations mentioned are actually declining (only Graceville had any mentionable positive growth). They might have had slightly higher numbers of patrons but those stations aren’t growing in numbers. In fact Dakabin had higher patronage than Newmarket. The crazy thing is if Dakabin was accessible and had a decent car park the patronage there would boom incredibly and it would also take the pressure of Petrie and Narangba. Build it and I promise you they will come.


Inbound Boardings


Outbound Boardings


Total Boardings






































Data taken from the Q1/2012 QR Passenger Load Survey (the most recent figures accessible)


2. Adjacent Stations

The suggestion by both the Minister and the Premiers team to “just use Petrie” is not only insulting but it’s just not that simple. The gap between Petrie and Dakabin is the longest on the Caboolture line, you cannot walk there and it is a 15min drive (with no traffic) to either of the stations adjacent to Dakabin and no other public transport options. Plus I thought the government was trying to encourage people to get off the roads and on to trains so why are you forcing 1000’s of residents in this area to drive to other stations unnecessarily?

Regardless of their proximity to Dakabin Station it is very difficult for commuters with limited mobility to get to either of these stations for multiple reasons.

a) Parking: as you well know Petrie car park is full to bursting by 7am every morning so even if a commuter from Dakabin could drive there they would not have a place to park. The same at Narangba except Narangba is also an extra zone which adds to the already high cost of commuting.

b) No bus connectivity: Dakabin is the only station on the north side not serviced by buses and the buses that do come through the suburbs are ill-equipped to handle mobility scooters, wheelchairs etc. My dear friend Karen who is in a mobility scooter waited for 2 hours for a bus to take her to Petrie but every bus that came was unable to accommodate her. Dakabin Station is not far from her home and she would happily ride her scooter there but as the station is inaccessible and buses can’t take her she is forced to pay insane taxi fares if she ever wants to go anywhere. She isn’t the only one, her story is just one of many.

c) Walking Distance: According to Google maps it would take 1hr15mins to walk from Dakabin to Petrie, or 47mins from Dakabin to Narangba Station. It’s a 14min walk from Alderley Station to Enoggera and the same from Newmarket to Wilston plus I believe there are buses servicing those stations also. Dinmore to Ebbw Vale is again only an 18min walk, and from Graceville to its adjacent stations (Sherwood and Chelmer) is also only 14mins walk away. To drive to any of these stations adjacent to those getting upgraded is only 5mins plus they have the option of taking a bus which Dakabin commuters don’t have.

3. Stair Only Access

Is the Minister implying that Dakabin is not a stair only access station?? Is Dakabin included in the list of 31 stair only platforms?? The one ramp that exists on the Thompson Road side does not allow commuters to cross from one platform to another nor is there any way for commuters to go around the platform at a rail crossing (unless of course you want to tackle a 70km road and a single lane rail underpass with zero pedestrian access…).

4. Other issues

*Newmarket and Alderley are side by side so why do they both need upgrading at the same time, especially since Enoggera Station is so close and is fully accessible already. There are FIVE stations within a short distance that commuters can choose from. I am not saying these stations don’t deserve upgrading I am just pointing out that Dakabin should be in the mix too.

*What is the timeline for Dakabin Station to get any sort of upgrade? 5 years, 10 years, never? Can I remind you that the Moreton Bay Rail Link will not help the people of this area and that the problems at Dakabin will continue to plague the commuters.

*What about the fact that Dakabin does not have toilets, a station office or even running water! When will those issues be addressed?

I received a response from QR months later:

Queensland Rail is revisiting its capital plan on an ongoing basis, to ensure it utilises available resources to maximise the efficiency, reliability and accessibility outcomes for all rail commuters. They have recently reviewed their stations with a view to determining areas with the greatest need of an upgrade.  A number of factors were taken into consideration when determining the areas of greatest need, including local accessibility needs, proximity of other accessible stations and patronage levels.  These factors enable a consistent approach to the allocation of available funding, to address the most pressing station needs.   The timing of the delivery of all capital works, including accessibility upgrades, is ultimately determined by the availability of funding.  While there are no immediate plans to upgrade Dakabin station at this stage, please be assured that local commuters remain informed of any developments in this regard.   A full DDA upgrade was recently completed at Narangba station, which included additional parking. This now means that both the next inbound and outbound station from Dakabin, are independently accessible.  There are stations on the network where there are a number of stations in close proximity, without assisted access. 

They completely ignored all the data and facts I gave and just dished out the same response I always am given. No one can give me a legitimate reason as to why Dakabin is not being upgraded. Every time funding becomes available it goes to some other station. When will it be our turn?