Dakabin Station was NEVER created to serve the needs of the local high school. Urban myth would have you believe that Dakabin Station is a way point to service school needs. This is simply not true. The station has existed for well over 100 years and was put forward as the ideal junction for a Redcliffe Rail Link in 1913. After 100 years of service the urban sprawl of medium density housing has finally caught up with the station and now more than 1000 people a day tread the platforms. It was obvious about 10 years ago that it was no longer meeting the needs of the community and was completely inadequate for the hundreds of commuters streaming in from the satellite city of North Lakes as well as the thousands of new homes in construction around the Dakabin, Kallangur, Murrumba Downs, Griffin and Mango Hill areas.

In 2006, a document called the Dakabin Local Area Plan was released and in it the plan to relocate the station several hundred metres north of it’s current position. This work was intended to be completed several years ago in anticipation of the steep increase of commuter volumes based on the rapid development of the surrounding area. In 2011 Gemma met with local councillors David Dwyer and Julie Greer and they provided a copy of the relocation plans as explanation as to why they have refused to upgrade the station to meet current basic standards.

A year later and still no progress on either an upgraded station or relocation and still no reason why Dakabin Station is still being neglected and overlooked. Gemma again began enquiring into the situation only to find no one willing to explain why the neglect continues. After being constantly given the run around by the (now former) MP of Kallangur and Councillor Dwyer, Gemma decided to start the Dakabin Station Action Group. Straight away the group received media attention getting an article published in the paper just one month after starting the group. The first article, titled Action Group battles for upgrade, was featured in the Pine Rivers Press on the 10 April 2012.

After more digging and working with the newspaper, the action group was again in the newspaper, this time with a new revelation from Queensland Rail. On the 11th May 2012 QR confirmed to the Pine Rivers Press that it has no plan or intention to ever move Dakabin Station, contrary to what the local councillors said.

QR confirmed to the Pine Rivers Press (11th May 2012) that it has no plan or intention to ever move Dakabin Station. (click to view the article)”

Gemma wrote straight to the Minister for Transport, The Hon Scott Emerson regarding this latest development. Unfortunately Mr Emerson declined to comment, instead he simply forwarded the letter to Translink. Translink’s CEO Neil Scales response confirmed what we already knew. Dakabin is not on any current or future plans to be upgraded with no explanantion given.

This is despite Dakabin Station being the ONLY STATION WHICH MEETS ALL QR CRITERIA for immediate and substantial upgrade to improve safety and access.

While we do understand the extremely tight budget for all levels of government, it makes sense to delay expenditure on areas where the need is not as great as Dakabin Station.
By QR standards, Dakabin is by far, the only station in need of urgent attention.
Technically and morally it should be at the top of the list in line for expenditure; whether upgrading or moving.

While spending millions on station upgrades at Elimbah, Newmarket, Alderley, etc. how can they continue to neglect Dakabin Station without any explanation!



Dakabin Station is the nearest station to the largest satellite city north of Brisbane.
Until North Lakes has it’s own railway line (years away), Dakabin will have to cope with thousands of commuters each week. It’s simply not ready!

Once the badly needed stations of Kallangur and Mango Hill are in place, they will not service the areas covered by Dakabin Station, so a reduction in numbers will NOT happen.
The catchment for Dakabin station is Warner, Deception Bay, Kurwongbah and eventually northern North Lakes (when the Transport Connection road is completed).

There will only be an increase in commuters regardless of the Kallangur and Mango Hill stations becoming operational.

In the Dakabin station area alone, thousands of homes are being built right now in several new estates.

The Pine Rivers area has been ignored by QR, State and Local government for so long that the new line will not lessen the usage of Dakabin station; in fact it might help the roads and environment by reducing the traffic on the freeway when the public choose to use public transport.

View the map of the Moreton Bay Rail Link: (click here)
Kallangur, Murrumba Downs and Mango Hill will cater for the Murrumba Downs, Castle Hill and Southern North Lakes areas.
While Dakabin will continue to service Kallangur, Warner, Kurwongbah, north and west North Lakes, Deception Bay and of course Dakabin itself.

There are thousands of residents in Dakabin, Kallangur, North Lakes and Mango Hill who choose to not use the rail network or travel to distant stations as it is dangerous and difficult to park anywhere near the station.


On most days, cars are parked as far as the eye can see on both sides of the station.
Pedestrians walk on the roads as there is inadequate footpaths and less than 30 marked parking bays.

Residents who have to walk on Alma Road, Thompson Road or Naranbga Road do so at great risk.
And, new land developments actually promote that residents can walk along Alma Road to the station. At the end of Alma Road where it turns towards Dakabin Station it is extremely unsafe.

Due to the large number of commuters, cars are now parked on both sides of Narangba Road.
This indicates a number of people are crossing Narangba Road at peak times with limited visibility and in a 70 kph zone.
As many commuters return from work at dusk or night fall, how long will it be before people are seriously injured or worse.
Dakabin Station in flanked on Narangba Road by white crosses marking deaths from vehicle accidents – it is a dangerous road.
At a cost of less than $15,000 per car space – what price does council and Translink put on people’s lives?


Currently being developed is a major road which will directly connect North Lakes to Dakabin station.
This road which leads from North Lakes to Alma Road is set to direct many more commuters to the station.
David Dwyer, the local councillor, believes it will add to the problems at Dakabin Station.

Click here to see the article. North Lakes Times 8 May 2012

Council and others may try to convince people that the connection road project is just to provide Dakabin with “shopping” access to North Lakes, but look at the current plan for this road.
It includes bus stops all the way from North Lakes to Dakabin Railway Station.

It also shows that this whole undertaking is to channel commuters to the “preferred” Dakabin station. No mention or detail of waste management or shopping.

In fact, the station is the focus and is highlighted by where the road finishes as well as the well defined study area which encompasses no community infrustructure except for the station.

See for yourself! Click this link to go to the Moreton Council plan for joining North Lakes to Dakabin Railway Station. Be very clear, this project is titled “Transport/Movement System” and it’s sole purpose is to provide excellent access to Dakabin Station.

And all the while, other stations are having multiple upgrades to facilities and parking. All that Dakabin has received recently is a new mural.

Narangba already has excellent facilities such as off street parking. And yet, this station is currently being upgraded again.

Dakabin is the only unmanned station between Brisbane and Nambour.

Dakabin has no connecting public transport – no bus service at all.

Check this link! Find Dakabin on this Translink map.

Dakabin is constantly overlooked when upgrades are planned.

The Pine Rivers Press conducted a poll at the station. The poll features commuters who are not from the Dakabin area, it shows that the station is drawing people from a wide area, in this case Deception Bay and Warner. The station is inadequate to handle such a wide catchment.


Dakabin station can’t be used by families with prams, elderly or disabled.

There is an access ramp, but NO DISABLED PARKING on either side of the station!

Disabled, elderly and families can’t get from one side of the station to the other without travelling on a main road in a 70 KPH zone, and move through a single lane underpass which has no pedestian access.

Currently, disabled passengers are forced to go past Dakabin, and alight at Narangba so they can then catch another train back to Dakabin just to swap sides of the station.
Translink and Moreton Council have no regard for this sector of the community and have failed to act and support these people over many years. This station does not comply with basic standards expected by ALL citizens.


The people of the Moreton Region deserve better from local and state government. After all the promises over the years, Dakabin is yet to appear on any list of works to be done.
Dakabin deserves to be at the top of the list. The time for action is now.



So what does council say? From council reports created in 2005/6 this is what the official documents say (and much more):

* Establish a local activity centre beside the station comprising local convenience shopping and
other complementary community and business services, in order to support and service the
higher density housing, consolidate the station as a centre of community life and in turn use
the station as an ‘anchor’ to underpin activity levels in and foot traffic through the local centre;

* Provide ‘park-and-ride’ and ‘kiss-and-ride’ facilities at the station in recognition of its wider
district and metropolitan mass transit role, but locate and design the park-and-ride facility so
as to not compromise establishment of an intimate scale and intensity of land use and built
form between the station and the local centre;

* Connect local and district bus services to the station and provide a convenient and attractive
interchange facility to maximise patronage of the station from beyond its immediate walkable

* Locate major and minor collector routes to provide convenient and relatively direct routes
through the neighbourhood and address existing recognised network deficiencies in the
district; . . .

Dakabin Railway Station

The Dakabin Structure Plan accommodates the possible relocation of the Dakabin Railway Station
from its present position west of the boundary between the Dakabin High School grounds and Bob
Brock Park to a new position on the northern side of Alma Road near the proposed new Alma
Road connection to Narangba Road.

The purpose of the relocation option is four-fold:

(1) To place the station closer to the major developable land in Dakabin, so as to improve the
effectiveness and market appeal of establishing medium density residential development in a
close (400 – 500 metre) walkable catchment north, east and south of the station;

(2) To provide for a more direct and visible relationship between the railway station and the bus
connection route along Alma Road, which in addition to its local function is intended to
provide a feeder service between the railway station and the North Lakes and Mango Hill
development across the Bruce Highway to the east;

(3) To collocate the station with the proposed local activity centre, thereby strengthening the
function and attractiveness of both the station and the centre; and

(4) To realise the potential of the Dakabin area to achieve a genuinely ‘transit oriented
community’ in an outer suburban context.

Click here to view the council planning document, there is a lot more details about Dakabin station. The map on page 26 shows the new road connecting North Lakes to Dakabin station. This road is near completion, but what about the station?

So if the massive increase in demand for Dakabin station as predicted by council has eventuated, then any normal/rational person would be left wondering why NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE!

This is the 2006 summary by council in section 2.3.12 of the document:

The Dakabin Railway Station is poorly located relative to its existing and future residential
catchment, being on the western edge of the developable land. The position of Dakabin High
School and Bob Brock Park further separates the station from its residential catchment.
at one level there is some benefit in having education and recreation facilities close to public
transport, these facilities cater to particular segments rather than a broad cross section of the
community. Generally it is preferable to have housing, employment and basic shopping and
community services on land closest to a railway station, to spread the benefit of that facility as
widely as possible.

Further the station is a basic facility: unstaffed, without facilities for people
with limited mobility, and with poor arrangements for pedestrian access, vehicle parking and
bus-rail coordination;

More than  10 years have passed … and still nothing has been done!