About the Founder

The Founder of the Dakabin Station Action Group is Gemma Gale. She is 32 years old, married to Simon and they have four young children (8, 6, 4 and 2). She has lived in Kallangur her whole life and has seen the area grow from a small rural town into a bustling and thriving suburbia.

Throughout this population and infrastructure growth Dakabin Station has remained virtually the same. It has been overlooked, forgotten about and because of that neglect the station is disconnected from the community and other public transport services. Living in the area for so long Gemma has seen the problems at Dakabin Station rise in number and severity. When she became a stay at home mum and began driving her husband to the station every day she realised just how bad the situation had become. In 2011 she began investigations first with the State Government then the Moreton Bay Regional Council. After a meeting with the Division 7 Councillor, who showed Gemma the plans for a relocated Dakabin Station, she thought that all was going to be well and that there was going to be changes made. However, after sending enquiries to QR & Translink they categorically denied any such plan and simply stated “there are no current or future plans to upgrade Dakabin Station”. It became alarmingly evident that there was no real plan or funding for relocating Dakabin Station or making any changes to it at all. It was then that Gemma realised she needed to act.

In 2012 the Dakabin Station Action Group was created with the aim to represent the communities need and demand for Dakabin Station to be made accessible and safe. Since the group’s creation, and through Gemma’s persistent campaigning, the station has seen some funding for minor upgrades however it is a long way from being brought up to standard and it certainly is not Disability Discrimination Act compliant.

Gemma and the Dakabin Station Action Group welcome the $30million station upgrade funding announcement by the ALP Government which was made in June 2017 and they are committed to continuing advocating for Dakabin Station until it is safe and accessible for our entire community.


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