About the Founder

Hi, My name is Gemma, I’m the founder of the Dakabin Station Action Group.

Over the years of population and infrastructure growth Dakabin Station has remained virtually the same. It has been overlooked, forgotten about and because of that neglect the station is disconnected from the community and other public transport services which I believe is causing our community to suffer and leaving many isolated and disadvantaged.

Once I became a stay at home mum and was driving my husband to and from the station every day I realised just how bad the situation at Dakabin Station had become. I couldn’t believe that it still looked the same as when I went to Dakabin State High School so many years ago. In 2011, I began asking questions and went to the former MP for Kallangur but she was completely disinterested and refused to meet with me or even reply to my letters. Then I went to the now former Moreton Bay Regional Councillor for Division 7 David Dwyer and he agreed to meet me at the station to discuss the concerns I had. We met but he simply handed me a piece of paper that showed the plans of a relocated station and used that as the reason the station had never seen any upgrades. Like any normal person that was proof enough so I left it at that. Months went by and still nothing was happening around the station. No media or chatter about this relocated station, in fact nothing about the station at all. So I began to dig again, this time with QR & Translink. Their responses simply stated “there are no current or future plans to upgrade Dakabin Station”. Well this got me concerned and so I tried to talk to Cr Dwyer again, this time with no response. It was then that I realised nothing was going to happen, there was no plan.

I decided action needed to be taken so the Dakabin Station Action Group was born in March 2012. At first it had 22 members, mostly consisting of my friends and family, but then a fellow advocate I knew, who I found through the Rail Back on Track forum, passed on my information to the Pine Rivers Press and the rest they say is history. Just one month after starting the action group the newspaper published a small story then almost overnight the group grew and I realised I wasn’t the only one that thought the station should be upgraded! The paper very quickly managed to get a statement from QR completely dispelling the relocation myth and publicly admitting there were absolutely no plans, current or future, to upgrade Dakabin Station. This started a 6 year long campaign focused on getting the station the upgrade our community rightly deserved.

Over the first four years the station received nearly $2 million in funding towards small but vital upgrades however the job was still not done. It was two years later in June 2017 that the announcement was made that Dakabin Station was to receive a $30 million upgrade. It was the news commuters of Dakabin Station and this community had been waiting decades for. A safe and accessible station is what we have fought hard for and it is now set to become a reality.

In June 2018 State MP for Murrumba Steven Miles announced funding was increased to $39million to ensure the inclusion of adequate parking and finally a bus connection! May 2018, inital artist impressions were released and in October 2018 concept designs were released for community consultation. It’s vital that all members of the community, local businesses, commuters of the station and residents send in their feedback. QR’s downloadable form can be accessed here: https://www.queenslandrail.com.au/inthecommunity/projects/current-projects/dakabin-station-upgrade or there is an online form available on the DSAG website here: http://dakabinstationactiongroup.com/feedback.

In October 2018, concept designs were released by QR for community consultation. Then in November 2019, the Transport Minister along with Steven Miles MP for Murrumba and Shane King MP for Kurwongbah, announced that the contract has been awarded with heavy works due to start around mid-2020.

Rest assured the Dakabin Station Action Group will not go anywhere until the job is completed. We will keep the State Government & Queensland Rail accountable to this commitment and will ensure the community is updated throughout the entire process. Updates will be posted on the Facebook page and website as I receive them.

Our community deserves a safe, accessible and future-proofed station and I won’t stop until that becomes a reality.

Many thanks,

Gemma the Founder of DSAG

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